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08 March 2018Furniture from the ages of oak, walnut & mahogany Furniture from the ages of oak, walnut & mahogany
09 March 2017Appreciating Modern Art

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Furniture from the ages of oak, walnut & mahogany
Furniture from the ages of oak, walnut & mahogany

Janusz Karczeski-Slowikowski Thursday 08 March 2018

A special interest day on English furniture from medieval times to the late 18th century.  The day is divided into a session for each age to show how the properties of oak, walnut and mahogany were successfully exploited through differing furniture making and decorative techniques. Covering such a broad period will enable a wide range of furniture to be considered.

Session 1 The Age of Oak: A survey of English oak furniture in terms of its construction, style and decoration from the mediaeval period through to the end of the 17th Century. We shall look at furniture from the point of view of its practicality, utility and durability.

Session 2 The Age of Walnut: Walnut was much favoured by the Elizabethans and its use for fashionable furniture coincided with advances in furniture design and construction –largely thanks to the continued influx of continental craftsmen, styles and improved construction techniques- resulting in furniture which was extremely pleasing on the eye and well suited to the sophistication of cities in the mercantile age. 

Session 3 The Age of Mahogany: Mahogany became the timber of choice for cabinetmaking in the  early 18th century and talented designers and cabinet makers exploited its characteristics in producing furniture which set a new quality standard in terms of both design and craftsmanship.  The Age of Mahogany encompasses the work of great designers and cabinetmakers like Kent, Vile, Cobb, and, of course, Chippendale, who between them made this “The Golden Age of English Furniture”.