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17 February 2020The Rebuilding of the Town of Ypres after its total Destruction in the Great War
20 January 2020Caravaggio: Murderer or Genius?
09 December 2019The Bayeux Tapestry - The World's Oldest Comic Strip
18 November 2019A Tour of Big Ben
21 October 2019Inigo Jones and the New Style
16 September 2019Ancient Egyptian Art: 3000 years of Treasures
17 June 2019Silver in England: A fresh look
20 May 2019William Morris: The Art of Life and the Life of Art
15 April 2019Alchemy and Adventure: A history of Exotic Colours and Poisonous Pigments
18 March 2019The Art and Architecture of St. Petersburg
18 February 2019Embroidered with Woodbine and Eglantine: Elizabethan Textile Furnishings
21 January 2019Classic Ground: Renaissance Gardens of Italy
10 December 2018The Queen of Instruments: The Lute in Old Master Painting
19 November 2018The Seine Estuary: Capturing the 19th Century Imagination- Birthplace of Impressionism
15 October 2018Worcester 1750-1900
17 September 2018Treasures of the Black Tent: Antique Tribal Rugs and Dowry Weavings of the Persian and Central Asian Nomads
09 July 2018The Paston Treasure
18 June 2018Anglo Saxon and Norman England-architecture and cultural change
21 May 2018Telling Time through the Ages
16 April 2018Cremona and the golden age of violin making
19 March 2018The Art Market : how does it work?
19 February 2018James Wyatt - Charlatan or Genius
15 January 2018Wonders of the Roman Empire-Off Limits
11 December 2017Nativity in Art from Giotto to Picasso.
20 November 2017The Gleaming Spires of London – an armchair tour of London’s finest buildings.
16 October 2017William Cobbett and James Gillray: Political and Personal Cartoons of the early C19th.
18 September 2017Nursery Notions: The Illustration, Music and History of Nursery Rhymes
19 June 2017Objects of Desire: Cabinets and Ornamental Boxes for the Collector
15 May 2017Contemporary Artist:Anthony Gormley and Anish Kapoor
10 April 2017 Vivaldi in Venice
20 March 2017The Glasgow Boys (this will follow the AGM)
20 February 2017Creating A Splash-The St Ives Society of Artists (1927-1952)
16 January 2017 Cobwebs of Fashion-Honiton Lace

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The Rebuilding of the Town of Ypres after its total Destruction in the Great War Christopher Chanter Monday 17 February 2020

By 1918, the Flanders mediaeval city of Ypres was in ruins. Out of 10,000 buildings, only 2 remained more or less intact. The great Cloth Hall representing the ancient wealth of the city was a hollow shell reduced to half its height. St. Martin's Cathedral also had just its reduced walls and a shattered interior.
The lecturer will show old photographs from before the First World War, during it, the reconstruction, which took 40 years, and finally the fully restored city now. The lecturer’s wife has personal memorabilia from her family, and a couple of fascinating photographs, and he will tell why it all adds to a poignant and atmospheric but hopeful hour.