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20 April 2020The Field of Cloth of Gold: 6000 Englishmen in France for 18 Days - how did they do it?

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Silver in England: A fresh look Martin Ellis Monday 17 June 2019

There are few more beautiful materials than silver. And there are few more useful. Silver is malleable, strong, antibacterial. You can cast it, cut it, hammer it, score and engrave it, turn it on a lathe, polish it and stain it. But this wonderful metal is also one of the most recyclable, transient and subject to the vagaries of taste. You can, after all, melt it down, turn it into coin, re-fashion it. Here, we take a fresh look at the story of this most sumptuous of materials, exploring the histories of its use, its making, its social value and its design. We celebrate its place in history and society. And, of course, celebrate its beauty, its design history and the brilliance of the silversmiths who have developed fine metalworking into a great art form