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16 September 2019Ancient Egyptian Art: 3000 years of Treasures
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21 September 2020Gold of the Gods: Treasures of South Americaand the Search for El Dorado
19 October 2020Georgian Portraits and the English Arcadia
16 November 2020Palaces and Princes of Rajasthan
14 December 2020Paradise Lost and Restored: 400 Years of Garden Design in Oxfordshire

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Ancient Egyptian Art: 3000 years of Treasures Eileen Goulding Monday 16 September 2019

The Narma Palette and Meidum Geese from the Old Kingdom, the Senoswret III pectoral from the Middle Kingdom, and the bust of Nefertiti and Nebamun paintings from the New Kingdom give an indication of the wealth of Ancient Egyptian riches. They are a sample of the many discoveries that have been have been displayed and admired by millions of visitors to museums around the world. This lecture will look in depth at these five most interesting treasures, examine the techniques and materials used, who commissioned and owned them, their purpose and hidden meaning.