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21 October 2019From Soup to Syllabub: A light-heated Insight into Food and Eating Habits of 18th Century England
18 November 2019A Tour of Big Ben
09 December 2019The Bayeux Tapestry - The World's Oldest Comic Strip
20 January 2020Caravaggio: Murderer or Genius?
17 February 2020The Rebuilding of the Town of Ypres after its total Destruction in the Great War
16 March 2020Decadence and Dreams: Jewellery from around 190
20 April 2020The Field of Cloth of Gold: 6000 Englishmen in France for 18 Days - how did they do it?
18 May 2020Wentworth Woodhouse: the Story of a Great Patrician House
15 June 2020Opera and Design
21 September 2020Gold of the Gods: Treasures of South Americaand the Search for El Dorado
19 October 2020Georgian Portraits and the English Arcadia
16 November 2020Palaces and Princes of Rajasthan
14 December 2020Paradise Lost and Restored: 400 Years of Garden Design in Oxfordshire
18 January 2021A RIGHT ROYAL CHRISTMAS” How our Royal Families have celebrated Christmas through the ages
15 February 2021The Hidden World of Canal Architecture
15 March 2021Sculpture in Steel: The Art of European Arms and Armour
19 April 2021A Brief Story of Wine

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From Soup to Syllabub: A light-heated Insight into Food and Eating Habits of 18th Century England Jane Tapley Monday 21 October 2019

Invite him to dinner Emma, and help him to the fish and the chicken but leave him to choose his own wife” (Emma by Jane Austen) Peep into the dining room of the late eighteenth and early nineteenth century society to discover the elegant and amusing world of the Regency Diner. From the perils of the promiscuous diner to the presence of the chamber pot in the dining room, Georgian habits will surprise and shock a modern audience.