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20 January 2020Caravaggio: Murderer or Genius?
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18 January 2021A RIGHT ROYAL CHRISTMAS” How our Royal Families have celebrated Christmas through the ages
15 February 2021The Hidden World of Canal Architecture
15 March 2021Sculpture in Steel: The Art of European Arms and Armour
19 April 2021A Brief Story of Wine

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Caravaggio: Murderer or Genius? Julia Musgrave Monday 20 January 2020

Caravaggio’s paintings inspired many artists during his lifetime and would go on to influence many more, from Orazio Gentileschi to Peter Paul Rubens, Gerard van Honthorst and Rembrandt. Each absorbed a different aspect of his work. His style spread across Europe and gave rise to the international movement known as ‘Caravaggism’. Yet for many, Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio is famed as much for his art as for his criminal record. Was it the violence of his times or his own violent spirit that inspired the dramatic lighting and intense naturalism of his work? This lecture follows the dramatic incidents of the artist’s life and looks at why and how his influence spread so far.